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Example Room with Video download?

Hi ShapeSpark Team,

Is there a copy of the “Example-Room” with a video on the tv setup that I can download to play with in my ShapeSpark account? The current example room doesn’t have that setup.

@Random, do you need a SketchUp file with a texture placeholder for the video? Or a Shapespark scene already with the video set up?

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I’m talking specifically about this room.


Don’t need the Sketchup file, just looking for the ShapeSpark file as I remember seeing one that had a video in it.

Here you go:

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Perfect! Exactly what I was after thank you!

In future it would be great if the Example Room that comes with the ShapeSpark install & updates, was updated with a new version showing all possible features each time a major update is rolled out. :slight_smile:

We indeed plan to update the example scene in the near future.

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