Excuse me everyone , i dont know why i set meeting time is 30min but it just run around 17min the time is end ?what happen?

@wojtek @jan excuse me sir. can u explain this .thanks u

The limits in meetings are participant minutes, a meeting with 2 participants that is expected to take 30 minutes, should have the limit set to 60. Usually it is good to set the limit even higher to have some margin in case the meeting takes longer, unused minutes can be reused by your other meetings.

See also the answer to What are video meetings and the participant minutes? question at the bottom of the pricing page.

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if meeting with 10 partcipants , around 1hour ? can u estimate how many minute that i should set on ? thanks you

600 (10 * 60). To allow, for example, for the meeting to take 30 minutes longer than expected, set the limit to 900 (10 * 90).

You can also simply create a meeting without any limit, and delete it when it is finished.