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Exhibition stand, first go any tips

First go using Strata 3DCX, anyone else ?


nice design
I use orbit navigation for exhibition stands and walking for enclosed spaces

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Hi @electricsketch,

Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing the visualization. Nice design!

The two most important tips you could consider are:

  1. Some objects have polygons not facing the camera, but oriented in the opposite direction. The Double sided option that you use for materials on these objects can help in some cases, eg. for plants’ leaves, but not in general, because the lighting information is baked only for the front sides of polygons. So, if you mark a material as double sided, the information baked for the front side is shared between front and back side of object polygons, which for objects like a floor or a table may produce unrealistic results. The best approach in this case is to fix the polygons orientation in the 3D modelling tool, and update the Shapespark scene with the fixed model.
  2. The visualization seems a bit to bright to me. I think you could try decreasing the Sky strength in the Bake tab to 0.8 and the strength of the node1 (Sun) light to 4.

Thanks some great tips, here’s a revised version

hi guys,
nice scence.
can you tell me how to use orbit navigation without walking( it’s like your project,just like panorama camera)
thanks so much.

When set up your views in the viewer menu use your mouse to navigate to where you want to be
and click orbit. The camera will move skyward just reset it and click set curent.