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Extension Requirement


We are working on a showroom where different sized products have to be shown with different prices. We need to include an excel sheet where the immediate calculations have to be made. But when i include an excel sheet, it is opening in another window. Rather we need it to be displayed inside the shapespark walkthrough. Is there anyway i can resolve this issue?


I’m not aware of anyone doing this so far. You could try this Microsoft guide for embedding Excel workbook in a website: Try putting the iframe code from this guide in the HtmlLabel extension.

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hello @Jan, in relation to this question, is there a possibility of placing a web page on a surface? something similar to how you place a video texture? In other words, paste an iFrame as a video texture on a surface! I hope to explain myself well.

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Hi @jorgearq ,
I’ve seen some interesting examples before for three.js (the core of Shapespark):!/

I like your suggestion, it is practical for virtual gallery walls and you can get better optimization with text.
I spent a lot of Mb on photo wallpapers with texts.


There was a WebGL extension proposal to support using iframe as a texture, but it was not implemented and it doesn’t seem that any progress is made on this extensions:

What @Vladan found is a trick to apply 3D CSS transforms to show a web content in 3D. But such content is not really a part of a 3D scene - it is still rendered separately, the same way the current flat HTML Label extension in Shapespark is rendered. So you couldn’t for example map such content as a texture on any object. And unfortunately such content still wouldn’t be visible in VR, the same way HTML Labels are not visible in VR.

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Hi @jan, I found this and, may be this can help you to implement it into Shapespark. Good Luck!! (

Hi Jan, many customers ask about a web page insert in a surface? Do you have any idea how to do that, a trick or hack way, or some!

That will be a great hit on this Corona time!!!

Hi @jorgearq for such a feature we depend on what WebGL API enables, so we won’t be able to add this (see also my explanation three posts above).