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Failed to generate web textures - Can't use editor


I havea problem with a scene. I can’t access it via the editor anymore, I can’t export the sketchup to that scene (creating a new one is fine though), I can’t upload/bundle. Every time it’s a “failed to generate web textures”. Last thing I did was cancel the baking because of some last minutes changes to make to the sketchup.

Here’s the editor.log (last lines) :

[25/11/2020 11:54:21] - info: Started. Command line: C:\Users\chris\AppData\Local\Shapespark\app-2.0.1\Shapespark.exe
[25/11/2020 11:54:21] - info: Loading configuration from file: C:\Users\chris\AppData\Roaming\Shapespark\config.json
[25/11/2020 11:54:21] - error: HTTP server socket timeout
[25/11/2020 11:54:21] - info: Starting HTTP server and waiting until it is available
[25/11/2020 11:54:22] - error: HTTP server socket timeout
[25/11/2020 11:54:24] - error: HTTP server socket timeout
[25/11/2020 11:54:25] - info: HTTP server started
[25/11/2020 11:54:25] - info: Checking for application updates.

What can I do? I need to rebake it for today and I made too many modifications in the editor to start over again…

Thanks !

@Thyronia, could you share the scene folder with us? We’ll see what got corrupted.

Sent via private message ! Thank you

I’ve replied via PM.