Failed to load the scene all scene


HELLO Can anyone help? Send me PM need to Fix ASAP

Hello Please any update? why the logo, script and others are not loading. yesterday it works well. Today all scene are not working. Cannot detect the files.

In the latest release we have changed our index.html.
So you have to update your custom index.html as well.

Following code:

<script type="text/javascript">
  window.onload = function () {
    var config = new WALK.SceneLoadConfig();

has to be changed to:

<script type="module">
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I just replaced the script in my bundle, unfortunately still the same error.
Also, how can I change the script on Shapespark hosted scene?

Which scene is that? Can you send me a link or a zip file?
I’ll take a look. To change the script on Shapespark hosted scene, You will have to fix it on your computer and re-upload it.

If you didn’t change anything in the scene hosted on since 2.9.0 release, then it should just work. You only have to fix the scenes, which were modified in 2.9.0 or newer versions.


Have you uploaded your scene after changing the script?
I can still see the old script in the index.html source file.

You can access your scene correctly when running with older version of viewer code: Vans Mockup by Retail Monkeys

We will be releasing an update this week that should fix these bugs and correctly support custom index.html regardless of viewer version.

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Hi, all updated and done.
Previous, I forgot to update that index file, which is stored in Shapespark folder in my PC.
thank you so much for your support

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I was wondering if there is still a method to manually initialize the scene.
For us, initializing the scene after we load certain data is important.
Does assigning WALK.ASSETS_URL triggers the initialization?
Thanks in advance!