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Failure? - could be awesome

I was hoping that this would come out nice and smoothly! but alas, not. :disappointed_relieved:
Is it the water texture that kills it or the reflection of the water texture? (on my computer it runs more smoothly, but not perfect)
I am wondering about the # of light probes I should have - seems to make a big impact.

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Nice work!

The performance problem is caused by the large number of transparent objects. Shapespark merges objects geometries together to reduce the number of draw calls, but it doesn’t do it for transparent objects. This is because transparent objects need to be sorted and rendered in back to front order, and merging them makes such sorting impossible.

In case of your scenes, the merged geometry still has 11000 objects after merging, which is too much to render efficiently. Most of these transparent objects are bubbles. To improve performance you could for example merge the bubbles into one object in a 3D modeling program or experiment with opaque bubbles or try using a texture to make the bubbles effect.