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[Feature Request] Graphic Quality Options for Low-End Device


Is it possible if someday we can change the graphic quality options such as texture size, render resolution, etc.? This will be helpful to keep a good performance on a low-end device, especially on a complex scene.

Thank you! :grinning:

Some of this is already done. For example for mobile devices maximum texture size is 1024x1024 while for desktops 2048x2048. Reflections also use lower resolution cube map textures on mobile devices.

I think a nice development for the future could be if the engine monitored frame-rate and applied some quality reducing optimization automatically on devices that are unable to keep the frame-rate high enough.

Unlike games, Shapespark scenes are rather short 3D experiences that are not explored for long periods of time, so users may not be too willing to go through some advanced configuration menu to tune performance for their device.

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Ah, I see! That would be great. Thank you for the insight :grinning:

Yes, It would indeed be a great feature if Shapespark is able to scale itโ€™s resolution dynamically as per the userโ€™s hardward capabilities. It will be awesome to see it in action.