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Feature Request - Lights

Hello Shapespark team!
I want to make the following suggestions regarding working with Shapespark lights:

  • Give an option to rename added lights manually
  • Give the option to make lights unique when they were an instance before



It would help me a lot if you added parameters for the captured views. I need 50-100 recorded positions to align in front of each art painting, at the same height and distance, angle …


I think we can add this one soon, but not yet sure about the second one.

It’s not the user-friendly way, but would editing the "views" section of the scene.json file work for you? You can obtain a formatted version of the file by saving the content of http://localhost:5000/scenes/SCENE-NAME/scene.json?pretty .


Hi @wojtek,

Fine-tuning the positions in the editor would be useful, as well as the ability to adjust the time for each view in Auto Tour and the ability to include hidden views in Auto Tour.
Definitely thanks, I’ll take a look at your suggestion.

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