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Feauture Request / Exclude objects from light sources

I think it would be a nice option to exclude objects from a lights source, so they will not be influenced by a specific light.

Could this be implemented someday?


Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, I think we won’t be able to squeeze it into our plans for the near future.

Could you tell what’s your use case for this feature?

For example to illuminate objects in a room but not the walls or flooring, or vice versa.

I see. Not sure if it might help for your use case, but if the objects are loosely placed, you could enclose an object in an opaque “shell” and place the light inside the shell. If the shell & object are marked as “Isolated shadows”, it will not impact the illumination of the rest of the scene.

Thanks for your feedback. It will not work in my case, but maybe there will be another scene where this might be a workaround.