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Feauturerequest color picker

Colors in the material in shapespark often have to be adjusted because they are always displayed incorrectly from Cinema 4D. It would be great if you could copy color values via hex code, for example. Also, adjusting the color in the history view is very tedious because the display is so small. A bigger GUI or best a colopicker like in Cinema 4D would be very helpful.


We have already improved our color picker to support sRGB color space and hex notation, and this improvement is awaiting the release.

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good news :slight_smile: we will wait for it.

Material picker is often used for floors or wall coverings. However, problems arise when textures need to be changed.
Some are defined for a realistic look 30cm x 30cm, some 50cm x 50cm some 2m x 2m, etc, so we have to fit different textures on one UW mapping!
What we do now is multiply the smaller textures by the largest.
It is easier if the developers add tiling for each of the textures for the material picker.