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File doesn't load properly

can some help me about this one

i am currently updating the model. after updating it doesn’t load properly anymore.

It seems like the file was corrupted or something, is there anyway to fix or recover this?




Could you upload this model to our hosting, so that we could take a look at it? The uploading process can fix a certain case of a corrupted scene, so please check the scene again after the upload is done.

If the upload doesn’t work, could you send us the scene folder from Documents\Shapespark, eg. using ?

Hi @Dexter_Reyes, that has happened to me on some occasions when I have open shapespark reviewing a scene and at the same time I have sketchup modifying the model.

I have solved it like this:

  1. Close the scene in shapespark
  2. Update the scene from sketchup to shapespark
  3. open the scene in shapespark again to edit it
  4. Save the change in shapespark
  5. Uploud the scene to shapespark cloud

This fix that issue for me.