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File error while Opening

Hi Everyone , while was baking the shapespark scene my electricity currents went off and pc went off. When i opened the scene after the backup was up, it gave me this error and file is not loading. Anyone know how i can fix this?

Even i cant see any update button there to update scene with new fbx.

Could you send us a problem report from the application ‘Help & Support’ tab so we can take a look at the logs?

Submitted the report from the application. Please have a look let me if this can be fixed.
I also cant upload scene for you to check, when i click upload it give me this error

Thanks, we’ve sent you a response via email, please let us know if it helps.

Hi I didn’t receive any mail yet. Is it possible to resend it?

I’ve resend it via a forum private message.

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Thanks that worked :+1: now i can open the scene, But now i cant see the update button to update the fbx. I have uploaded the scene online though if you want to check.

Also i cant bake the scene , it give me this error message when i try to bake: