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Fine adjustment of the emissvie settings

Will you make it possible in the future to make the emissive settings a bit more flexible? So that you can enter not only whole numbers but perhaps also decimals? Or you give the option to add images for emissive intensity.

If you mean the Emissive > Strength setting of the material, we’ve already changed the precision to 0.1, and this change will be included in the next release.

What do you mean by “images for emissive intensity”? Could you describe what effect you’d like to achieve?


I mean that for example a black area in the texture map is not emissive and a white area is fully emissive. And grey areas are partly emissive. This way you could define specific areas in a display to glow without creating an extra object and material for it.

Emissiveness supports textures. If the material is emissive, pixels of base color texture are multiplied by emission strength. So, if you prepare the base color texture to take into account the multiplication, you can obtain effects like part of the surface is black, part is dim, and part is bright.

Hi @wojtek, I look forward to this improvement!

It’s not urgent, but in the future I would like to see the light from the video texture (each TV illuminates the space in front of it). Animated fire too.

Can you include the sky texture in a light source?

Shapespark doesn’t support dynamic lights, which would be necessary for dynamic illumination coming from video textures. Static image textures are supported, though - if you have a base color texture on an emissive surface, the baked lighting will take into account that the emission varies across the surface.

Do you mean HDRI-based lighting? No, it’s not supported.

@wojtek have future plans for HDRI based Lighting?

Hi @wojtek,

Maybe this is a misunderstanding. After 3 years of working with the Shapespark program, I know what is not supported YET, and this is the Ideas category.
Certainly, I understand that you have priorities and that many beautiful things have been done in recent years thanks to you and Jan.
I guess that in the coming years there will be new nice improvements and I just wrote my wishes.


Currently we don’t have such plans.