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First apartment made with Shapespark

Hello there. Sharing my first project with you. Would be happy to know your opinion and get some comments. Thank you!



Hi. I think it looks quite good for your first apartment. In my opinion the speed for the movement could be increased a bit. And maybe it could be a bit brighter.

Very nice, thank you for sharing!

If you decide to follow Tim’s suggestion to make it a bit brighter, you can decrease curtains and windows opacity just for the time of baking to let more sky and sun light in, and increase it back after the baking.

Hi, Nice one!

I would suggest you to disable emmisive before bake to avoid this kind of look

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Thank you all guys. I really appreciate your opinion.
I found that the image brightness depends on the monitor. I tested it on different computers, and the brightness is different.
What concerns emmisive lamp, that’s a really good suggestion.

Hi! Nice work! Could you share your baking settings please?

you are welcome

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Oh! Thank you very much! I will posting my results. I put 1 point in strenght box from sky cos need not to burn the exterior… I’m testing yet

Hello. @Anton_Aleknavitsus
Congratulations, you truly nailed it with the resul am very impressed by the quality of your project,
and also thank you so much for sharing you baking settings, and i was wondering if you could share you light setting, sky setting, camera settings as well?..i´ll be most gratefull with you :smiley:

Hi Anton,

The apartment looks great. Well done. Could I ask you what program you modeled this in?

Thank you. Maya for modelling, Substance Painter for texturing