First project South Africa- Crit/Comment session - All welcome

hi all

new to forum and shapespark. I’ve create an architectural model for a client based in Cape Town - SA, re-model of kitchen and scullery area, with new addition wing on side, site boundary (bedroom, with main-bedroom and bathroom) modeled.
See Link below:

I’ve seen excellent projects from shapespark members and i require some guidance/comments and corrections on a few areas from all the EXPERTS in forum:clap: :clap: :ok_hand:

Im still not happy with current results.
comments and instructions on improving model will be greatly appreciated.
@Vladan thanks for your efforts thus far:)…

instructions and corrections on material values for items below. example (roughness, metalic,etc)

glass, wood, tiles, leather, etc.

What materials in general need “double sided” to be selected?


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Very nice first project, thank you for sharing it on the forum.

Your settings for grass and stone look good. You could try experimenting with roughness texture for the countertop to have more varied reflection pattern.

Double sided setting is useful only for small geometries that are modeled as flat 2D surfaces, but should actually be visible from both sides (most often this can be useful for flat leafs to ensure they are visible when viewed from both sides). Most objects are modeled in such a way that back faces are not visible, and should not have ‘Double sided’ enabled.

Flood dark limit setting in your project is too high, which is the source of problems with shadows, especially in darker rooms. The default value 0.02 should work better. To illuminate the darker rooms, you can put light sources there, or enable Ambient occlusion in the Bake tab.

hi @jan thanks for your reply, yes will make changes to model as suggested above.