Floor plan view for a multi-level house

What is effective approach to show floor plan view of each floor in a multi-level house beside minimap feature.
I tried to group objects on one level together and then hide groups of other levels.
Does SS have a feature like a top view with a level cut?


This would be the way to go. Have you encountered some issues while attempting this method?

Grouping is okay for the floor view although it is not convienient to me.
But there is an issue with internal view at the joint of 2 groups. It is not seamless.

I see. How many samples do you use for baking? If you used more, the rendering noise would be lower, making the seam between objects less visible.

I use High Quality - 800 samples.

In this case it looks like you might have light sources in your scene that generate significant rendering noise, and even after denoising the seam is visible. Please see this thread for more information: How to improve the quality?