Floor plans with extensions?

I wonder… is there a way to let say for example: that i have my presentation on shapespark, and i whant my client to see the floor plans of the house ( not the current “top” view that is available in shapespark ) i mean a plan like this one…

i mean the top view is nice… but some clients prefer to see plpan views like these ones…
And i was thinking… is there anyway to use the “Extencions” label to acomplish this???

Grettings and !! VIVA MÉXICO ¡¡¡

It would be neat for something like this if Shapespark supported section planes (IMO).

Shapespark doesn’t have a way to automatically generate such floor plans, but if you create them manually as images, I can see two ways to show them in Shapespark:

  1. Use the HTML extension to show the floor plan image as HTML <img> element. You would need to upload the image to some hosting server. In this approach a click on an icon in the scene will open a popup window with the floor plan, in the same way that a click on a i icon here: Living room with kitchen by Na Niby Studio opens a popup with a video.

  2. Or use the views functionality:

  • Apply the floor plan texture on a horizontal surface that is normally not visible (either not reachable by the camera or hidden).
  • Add a Top view that shows the floor plan texture centered and hides all other objects (Objects tab allows to configure objects visibility per each view.
  • To save lightmap space, set lightmap resolution to 0 for the floor plan surface in the Objects tab.
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@Antonio_Perez, if you decide to go this way I think you could use LayOut to generate floor plan images from a SketchUp model pretty fast: Creating A Plan Of Your SketchUp Model In Layout | SketchUp Blog

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Many many thanks to all of you, i’ll try to show the images as a HTML element, but if i may ad a suggestios it would be nice if there was a extension we can use to upload like a “RENDER GALLERY” , it would be super nice if i could send a client the walkthrough of a proyect and the client could see inside the same one, renders of the house… without having to use HTML extension just to show a gallery of images…