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Force Updated Preview image

Hi All,

Is there a way to force a preview image to update? I’ve noticed an issue where my rendered preview is not showing up on the landing page of the walkthrough.

Any thoughts on how to force the rendered thumbnail to the landing preview page?

Hi @Ted_Vitale, it looks like you need to press the Upload again. The preview image is generated when the scene is loaded in the editor, so if you uploaded the scene just after baking it will still have the old preview.

Is there another way to solve this? Usually I am hosting the scenes on my own server.

Unfortunately, Ive re-uploaded the scene a few times now and its still showing the un-rendered view.

If you open the scene locally do you see a correct preview with lightmap? If not, please open the scene in the editor mode and the preview should update. If this doesn’t work, please send an error report from the application main window ‘Help & support’ tab and we should be able to see in logs why the preview fails to save.

@tim to update the preview locally you need to open the scene in the editor mode. Then, if you are using self-hosting you need to create a bundle again, if you are using Shapespark hosting you need to upload again.

So, It took a few tries, a restart, and another upload before I could get the rendered preview to show up. I’m not sure why it took that but its working now, and that’s the important part.

That said, I think it might be work looking into allowing users to set a custom landing screen? I like that it is automated but it would be nice if I could set my own. Just a thought.

Thanks for the help with this!

@Ted_Vitale if you have a minute, please send a problem report from the Help & Support tab (you can leave a problem description empty), we will take a look if logs contain any indication why this refresh took so many retries to happen.

Custom landing screen is possible with custom-cover.jpg file placed in the scene directory, as described here.

Ahhhhh, that’s great, I hadn’t realized you could do that! Ill try that next. And when I have some time later today Ill send that support issue.

Okay, I need to bundle it first. I understand. Thank you, Jan!