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Future development ideas...?

Some ideas about potential development opportunities for shapespark.

  1. Integrate the shapespark model with material updates, costings and scheduling…
    Capture buyers info and associate with their selected configured finishes.

It might be useful to link the floor and wall finishes upgrade options to the sales contract documents, say an excel spreadsheet for each apartment where they deviate from a standard colour scheme. The schedule could have the product description, upgrade cost, total upgrade cost and signed off by the buyer. I can imagine it would be far more powerful if you could link the fixtures and fittings also.

  1. The ability to take ‘photos’ as renders, and email them to agents/family/friends.

Are these ideas possible to implement? Are they things you have considered?


Hi @dangiuff, thanks for the ideas.

We don’t have plans to implement such configurators in Shapespark itself. However, what we’d like to offer is a JavaScript viewer API that would allow Shapespark users to build such configurators themselves by integrating the Shapespark viewer in their own configurator web applications. The API is a work in progress documented here:

Would it work for you is if a photo (screenshot) was taken by a button in the viewer UI, and then saved to a file on the user’s computer?

Screenshot button would work nicely! :slight_smile:

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The ability to take a screenshot would really be useful!
If that can be added to the viewer API, that would make a lot of sense. This way it will be possible to either save it to the user’s computer or upload to the server.

We will first add a button and see if it is easy to expose such API.

As far as I know the browsers allow to encode an image to jpg or png while saving to disk, but I’m not sure if browsers allow to access encoded jpg so it can be passed to the server.

Hi @wojtek and @jan

Thanks for replying to this request.
The API is an excellent idea and would definitely open up a lot of opportunities.
With the photo(screenshot) button, would that work with mobile devices?
Or would there be an option for save location or email so the user had a choice?

This is how I’m doing it for my other project:

var canvas = document.getElementById(canvasId);
var imgData = canvas.toDataURL(‘image/jpeg’, .7);

Then I send imgData to the server.
On the server side , I’m removing “data:image/jpeg;base64” from the received data and then do base 64 decode. Then I just write the data to a file.
I’m not sure if that would work for Shape Spark.
The screenshot function that is available in the Editor is much better, I’m assuming it is done not only with JavaScript.