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General Shadow / Shadow catcher - how to?

Hi there,
does anybody have an Idea how I can get a nice shadow under an objekt? I don’t want it to “fly” in space.

A transparent shadow under the booth would be great. But I can’t use a png in the opacity slot…
Any ideas? Ah - opacity is key to see the background :slight_smile:

Thx in advance for ideas

Not sure what software you are using to create your scene but have you tried raising the whole booth above the origin or adding a transparent image below the booth in your software before importing into Shapespark.

Btw. how did You archive this navigation method? So that camera orbits around the scene instead od flying?

This is the “Orbit” - View

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I’m working with 3dsmax 2019 - but I need only the shadow underneath. So, its not a question of the software :slight_smile:
Like to have the normal background and not putting evreything in a “shell” - a PNG with opacity in the non shadow area would be good. (No real shadow - shadow from pic). But a “shadowcatcher” would be also working, if you use a PNG texture with alpha channel, the alpha channel is interpreted as texel opacity.

Ah, Got it, thx! Yesterday I got problems with it - maybe a error in the PNG. Works now as expected :slight_smile: Was a usererror …