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Generate Rendered Image


Is there any way to generate a rendered image of a view? Not a 360 panorama or VR, just a png or jpg image of the view.



Thanks Tim.

BTW: How do you add a link that looks like that? I do not seem to get that type of quote to show up. I have wanted to do it several times. Which icon do you use. :frowning:


Hi. You can share the link to a post by clicking the chain icon below it. Copy and paste the link into your post. That’s it.


OK - I got it now. Feel kind of stupid when I see what you did. I guess I am too used to the way things are done in the SketchUcation web side. :blush:


No reason to feel stupid! Before I pasted the link into the post I didn’t have any idea what would happen. So it actually was just by accident that it looked so professional. A cheer for the web devoleper for doing such great stuff!