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Geometric Configurator

Hello, on my hunt for a browser-based home-tour software for pre-designed and customizable net-zero homes, I came across Shapespark - - hy to @Eric_Bjornson in this regard. Shapespark’s render-quality to price performance is good. Also, Shapespark offers a “live” material configurator for changing surface materials like wallpaper, flooring, kitchen countertops, etc.
In regards to the basic functionality for architectural visualization, I am still missing a GEOMETRY CONFIGURATOR which should be able to i.e. add / replace interior walls, kitchen cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, furniture etc. - basically things that are commonly offered in the real estate industry. @Eric_Bjornson and @nxtdave already mentioned the need for that in another thread. This feature would be very helpful and necessary not only to sell more homes but also to digitalize the entire home sales process - and therefore being able to offer more value to customers.
I hope that a separate topic for a GEOMETRY CONFIGURATOR pushes this higher up on the implementation timeline for the Shapespark team :slightly_smiling_face: