Geometry - foliage - performance


I am trying to figure out where the performance limits are, so I know how to use foliage efficiently.
My question is: having an overall very hight polygon count, do I have a better performance if I use multiple instances of the same object (e.g. tree) or does it not matter at all if I use different objects with the same polygon count?

Thank you

Shapespark doesn’t have explicit scene size limits.It is recommended to keep the number of triangles in the scene below 4 million for it to work well on older mobile devices. If the scene is to be viewed on a desktop computer, and the loading time is not a critical factor, then the limit is much higher - in the 10-20 million triangles range.

Shapespark is reading all the tris. Even when you use instances your graphic card needs to render all the tris. So the only way to make the tris count smaller will be to optimize objects that are instanced.

Are you familiar with Shapespark Meshes auto - simplification tool?
It’s available in the Object Tab - you can either choose lever of simplification for whole scene or for each object.

Here you can watch small video about our mesh simplification tool:

Thank you.
I haven´t used the simplifaction tool because I am trying to see from which point of complexity I will have issues.