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Going through walls

So I’m sure everyone has bumped into the dreaded moment of going from one quick access to the next and going through walls.

I understand that creating a flight path from way point to way point is not part of this solution, however, is there a way to fade the camera to darkness when hitting a collider? If we can’t avoid it, at least lets prevent users from having to see the insides of our geometry.

Any help?

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Unfortunately, the fading the camera to darkness is not possible.

What you could experiment with is detecting a view switch using the onViewSwitchStarted API function, and re-routing the camera path programmatically through some intermediate views using the switchToView API function.

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I fould this script on the view-switch example:

document.getElementById('custom-view').addEventListener('click', function() {
    var view = new WALK.View();
    view.position.x = 0.956;
    view.position.y = -2.922;
    view.position.z = 1.546;
    view.rotation.yawDeg = 121.59;
    view.rotation.pitchDeg = -44.78;

It sounds like I would probably need to create a sequence of these views in order to create a path… or even create invisible views that I could jump to in order to minimize going through walls, although I anticipate scenarios where it’s still be inevitable.

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Yes, that’s the best what I can think of at the moment. To chain the intermediate views you could use a onViewSwitchDone listener.

If your scene has one level, you could perhaps use a single intermediate orbit/floorplan view . Then switching from view A to B would be re-routed through the orbit/floorplan view (as a side effect the visitor would be able to refer the source and target points to the interior layout).

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