Graphics context lost, reload to try

Hey Shapespark team,

I’m having a problem when I’m opening my scene in Shapespark. As soon as my scene opens error pops up " Graphics context lost, reload to try". How can I solve this issue? I am using a VICTUS laptop with updated software. I have attached a file for your better understanding.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi Priyesh!

I’m having the same problem here.
Dell laptop, dedicated nvidia card.

I’ve tried to uninstall-reinstall Shapespark and nothing changed.

Did you manage to fix the problem?

Kind regards

hi everyone!

got the same bug here… it took a while but in the end i managed to fix it.

basically, i reloaded the factory settings in my nvidia card …
also, i opened windows graphics elements settings and added shapespark (and other softwares) to the list, forcing them to run only on the dedicated videocard (not allowing them to choose automaticaly)
finally, i enalbled webgl on chrome (not sure this changes anything)

hoping to have a final fix on this.


Yes, it is working.
@Fernanda_Castilho Thanks for your help.
@Fred_Meyer You can also try this.