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Gratio Residence penthouse

Sharing with you guys my new scene that includes a luxury contemporary penthouse + the building facade + Starbucks and a sportscar dealer in the ground floor + streets and surrounding ghost buildings.

I did like: it’s possible to make the interiors and the entire facade (my clients don’t want only the interiors anymore)

I didn’t like: the bake processing took 27 hours :open_mouth:, probably because the bump I applied in the floor.

There’s still some improvements I can make, mainly with the ilumination, but I think the final result is pretty satisfactory, considering the size and varieties of the scene.


Very impressive! I like it.

Can you tell me more about the number of polygons and light maps?

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Did you reduce lightmap resolution for the big distant buildings? Rendering all of them in the same resolution as the interior might have extended your baking time so much. I don’t know what your hardware is but with proper settings it should render in 2-5 hours on a single nvidia 2080 GPU. 27h is definitely to much :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Vladan!

The scene has something like 2M polygons. I think if I had used low poly cars this number would be considerably lower, something like 1,5M.

About the lightmaps: 75 for interiors penthouse and all the cars, 5 for all the building, dealership, coffe shop and the main street, 2 for the rest.

@Kuba, this particularly scene was baked on a ordinary i5 laptop. Yes, I know that it’s far away form the ideal. Thanks for your words!