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Haussmann Parisian Interior

I had some time to work on another personal project which I would like to share with you. The basic model is from BBB3Viz which I adjusted to my needs and furnished in a modern style.



Wow, thats really impressive. One of the best scenes I have seen…

Beautiful, thank you for sharing it :slight_smile:

Very good work! Thank you for your sharing!

Thank you very much for your kind words.

I’m still struggling with the reflections on the floor. I would like to find a way to have the texture edges invisible. I’ve tried overlapping light probes before, but that doesn’t help either. If someone knows a good way, I would be grateful for a tip.

@tim I tried to figure out what is causing such a visible difference in reflections between bedroom and the hall floors. I suspected the materials textures may be different, but it is not the case, even if the textures are removed and the identical base color and roughness values are used for both floors, the bedroom is still more shiny.

The difference must be due to overall brightness that is larger in bedroom than in the hall. I’m afraid there is no way to improve this until the engine is able to blend light information from multiple light probes.

Thank you for your efforts @jan
Are there any significant changes coming to Shapesparks render engine this year?

@tim we would love to add post processing effects and improve light probe based reflections. For baking we plan to add IES light profiles. Also better support for mixed exterior/interior scenes, as proposed by @Michael_Campbell, we plan to add a baking parameter for transparent materials that would allow to amplify the strength of light that enters the interior to keep the exterior from over-exposing.

We also need to keep improving performance. Up to now our main focus was memory optimization, because limited memory was the biggest problem on mobile devices. Now we see more and more scenes with 10mln+ faces, and such scenes often render with low frame rate, so we need to somehow address this.

Hi @jan
I thought about what I think is most important. I prefer

  1. better support for mixed exterior/interior scenes
  2. improving performance