HDRI seen from the 20º floor

I need to place a HRDI that will be seen from the inside of a penthouse on the 20º floor, and also from the outside of the building. And I’ve just figured it out that all the HRDI are taken at the ground level, so it doesn’t look good in this case.

Have you guys already seen any HRDI taken from the sky?

Wich is the best way to deal with that?

Some screenshots from the street and 20º floor levels:

This office scene uses panorama image taken from the top of the building: Hot-Desk Open Space by TAK Studio Krzysztof Klimkiewicz

The white curtain behind the starting position has a hole at the top. If you find it and go through this hole, you will be able to see two guys that took this panorama picture :wink:

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Thanks, @jan!

So I can assume that the only way is to take a picture at the apartment level, this way the panorama will be good looking from the inside but not from the street level.

By the way, I’ve found the guys, realy funy :smiley:

You can also try to model part of immediate surrounding of the apartment, or at least surround it with some ground level surface. This way problems with the panorama can be less noticeable.

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It’s a good idea. I think this will minimize the diferences.

I will do my best.

Thanks again!

I think it’s gona be interesting!

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