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Healthcare ICT 2021 Exhibition

Hi all,

I’d like to showcase what my own life has consisted of for the past 2 months.

First off, a little teaser video :slight_smile: Sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollon ATK-päivät 2021 - YouTube

This was the 2nd time we did this one virtually. Last fall we built a huge expo hall and placed 40 booths there all with massive amounts of content, videos etc. and ran modifications to the very end and beyond, thus rendering the whole thing heavy as a whale and giving the visitors hardware some exercise for their buck.

This time we took the smarter route.

Welcome to Healthcare ICT 2021!

This exhibition consists of 37 Shapespark showrooms of which many had meetings activated (now un-linked). They can be accessed through clicking the logo on the wall (plus the bar). The hub that connects everything was built with a workflow of Sketchup - Lumion - Theasys. Now, having the big guy operate on a 360 viewing platform made it accessible on any device and skillset.

As of the showrooms, the exhibitors could choose from a modifiable basic model or a design one. I think I also held around 20 Shapespark meetings in them for the complete clientele prior the show to teach them the secrets of avatars, screen projections etc.

There is still much room for improvement and we once again learned tons. But to sum it all up: I am quite confident this just might be the best way to build shows like these.

Everything’s in Finnish but I think you just might manage :slight_smile: The main show is now over but we’ll be keeping this one open till end of June.

Please let me know what you think!