Hide anchors button

Hi, my name is Daniel and I’m a new member of the Shapespark team.
I’ll be focusing on improving Scene Viewer and Scene Editor parts of the Shapespark platform.

Today, I present you with the new Hide anchors extension.

Thanks to this new feature, content creators are now able to provide users with a button allowing to toggle interactive elements visibility while navigating the scene:

To add Hide anchors button to your scene:

  1. Navigate to scene editor.
  2. Open Viewer tab.
  3. In Extensions section click + button.
  4. Chose Hide anchors.
  5. You can uncheck Visible on start if you want interactive elements to be hidden by default when user views a scene.
  6. Click Ok.
  7. Click Save to save new settings.


Cool. Thank you! Is there also a keyboard shortcut for this function?

I’m afraid there is no such option at the moment.

We are planning to introduce more general support for keyboard shortcuts and their customization across the Shapespark platform, but currently, I’m unable to provide you with a time-frame of when it’ll be implemented.

Nice, thanks for the announcement! :+1:t3:Very helpfull