Hide interface elements on mobile

Hi, I’m getting quite a bit of feedback that the view buttons are obscuring the entire scene on Mobile. Also there’s no way to scroll down to view buttons that are off screen.

Any chance of putting the various UI sections into their own bootstrap style scrollable dropdown’s/pop ups?

You’re right, the current view list is not optimal for mobile devices. We’ll try to improve it soon by adding hiding and scrolling.


Hi @Michael_Campbell, (@wojtek) if you embed the scene in your webpage and send that link to the client you will see the buttons quiet small! But sometimes, more than you need? I don’t know why this happen? :thinking: but helps to clear space in th scene. Good luck!:four_leaf_clover:

Little buttons
Big buttons


This difference in button size is related to the code of embedding website, not to Shapespark scene itself. The embedding website is not mobile-optimized and it does not adapt the size of the iframe to device resolution.

To make the embedding website mobile-optimized please add a <meta name="viewport" ..> tag to the embedding website, like in this example: Full-page Shapespark iframe