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Hide Material Pickers

Hi Guys,

I am having some problems with the plan views of the project. It would be great to be able to hide
selected or grouped material pickers as per views like we do hide the objects.

Here is a screenshot of my problem. Any ideas?

Hi @laidem,

We are wondering if adding a per-view setting to disable all clickable extension spheres in the view would be enough for such use cases. Would it work for you?

Hiding only some of the clickable extension spheres depending on the view would require more effort on the implementation side, and it is something we won’t be able to deliver in the near future. Also, one argument for “hide all anchors in this view” setting is that it would be fast in configuration.

Hi @wojtek

Considering the options like;

  • For example in a plan view, we also give freedom of changing the flooring to the client.
    In that case, it would be great to have opportunity of hiding the sphere as per view.
    What i was imagining is;
    -Can be a checkbox “custom hide” in edit mode of icon.
    -Or the icons can be considered like objects and we could choose them from list and tick “custom hide”

But still if we can get some fast solution like your first and last suggestions, it will work for now :slight_smile:

Hi @laidem,

In the next release, we’ll add a “custom hide in views” option configured for each sphere (like with objects in the “Objects” tab).

Hi @wojtek sounds great!