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Hide some controls or all controlls temporary

Hello, if posible to remove some controlls.
i. e. going up ando down with Q and E.

Is posible remove all temporary ?

The viewer doesn’t allow to disable some controls explicitly, but you can achieve this by capturing JavaScript key down events, and not propagating them further for keys that you would like to disable. For example, place the body-end.html file with the following code in your scene directory to disable Q, E, PgUp and PgDown keys:

   function onKeyDown(event) {
    switch (event.keyCode) {
      case 34: // page down
      case 81: // e
      case 33: // page up
      case 69: // q

  document.addEventListener('keydown', onKeyDown, true);

hi @jan,
I think it would be interesting if these functions were editable directly in the shapespark interface. There are many possibilities that appear every day here on the forum and are restricted to this type of change in the body-end.html
There could at least be an internal library with all these extra functions that we often don’t even know exist. I know there are many possibilities, but it would be a good start to add some of these functions.

@Rafael_Lamounier Shapespark viewer doesn’t have an option to modify key bindings. Supporting this is properly is not straighforward and would, among other things, require some way to modify help menu.

Because the scene is a normal HTML web page that can be extended with user provided code, there are many customizations that can be done in HTML and JavaScript. The code above is not a Shapespark feature, it is a JavaScript code that uses pure browser API to disable some keys. We can’t expose all possible functions that JavaScript enables in the editor, because the possibilities are endless. But we do keep an eye on which features are requested and used frequently and try to expose these.