Higher light baking settings - some things get better, some worse

Hi all !

I’m pretty new to using Shapespark but I find it amazing. I use 3ds Max importer plugin with 3ds Max 2023. I have so much confusion about the varying quality that’s happening in my baked scene. For example, looking at stuff through a draft Preview window may show very coherent mesh with promising results, but after baking there might be a lot faceting and color jittering. I’m really worried about losing many many hours waiting for

What should I do about this case:

This sofa is baked with Medium settings and 2 max lightmaps:

But this is same scene with High settings and upped the max lightmaps to 4:

Could you provide me with a link to your scene so that I can examine it more closely? If necessary, feel free to send it to me through a private message.