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Hiring Shapespark Experts

Hello, we have currently one person doing all our Shapespark scenes, but since our demand got higher we can’t keep with it.

We are looking for people interested in a job opportunity creating Shapespark products for us. We would provide the general model and you would only have to do the last part in Shapespark.

People interested please DM us for more information, you can show us some examples you have made before too.



Hello, I’m interested in developing the projects.

This is a video of an example of a project I did.

My site my email


Bom dia, meu amigo eu fiquei muito interessado na sua proposta de trabalho, como funciona ?

hi. my name yoga binhar i am founder of yoga4arch youtube channel.
this sample my work with shapespark 2


I would like yo know more about your studio

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