Host & Playback Scene on Local Machine

Hi @wojtek is there a way I can store a packaged project on my local machine and play without it being hosted on yours or an external hosting server?

I have bundled one of my projects and have stored on my hard drive but I do not know what else I might need to do and what file to open to launch.

Is using the Shapespark desktop application an option for you? If you have the Shapespark desktop application installed on your local machine and place your scene folder in Documents\Shapespark on the machine, you will be able to open the scene in Shapespark, also without Internet access.

Hi Wojtek

We need to pause our subscription to manage our own costs, but we have been showcasing the tech to a number of potential clients, that are interested, but are really slow in making decisions!!

I need to be able to show it in meetings and provide it to a number of stakeholders and at present we don’t have a hosting solution I can use.

So having a bundled file that I/they can launch locally on a laptop is my best option if that is possible?.

I see. Then, you could run some web server to serve the bundles locally, only on your computer.

You can try because it’s a single-file application that doesn’t require installation and configuration:

  1. Create a directory for the Shapespark bundles, say shapespark-bundles.
  2. Copy your bundles to shapespark-bundles.
  3. Download the Caddy executable to `shapespark-bundles.
  4. Open the command line terminal in the shapespark-bundles directory.
  5. Start Caddy with <caddy-executable> file-server --browse --listen :8080.

Your Shapespark bundles will be available under localhost:8080 in your web browser.