Hosting renders on own servers

Hi, I’m currently working on a render for a client. They want to host the render on their server, which as I see is possible with the Plus suscription. I have two questions about this:

  • If I upgrade my current plan to Plus and download the render files and upload them to the clients server (through FileZilla for example), after I downgrade my plan to Standard, will be running normal?

  • After downloading the files for the render, I only have to unzip them and upload them to the desired location on the server and that’s it or it need to be configured?

best regards,

  1. Yes, you only need to upgrade to the Plus plan for one month. The created bundle will continue to work after you downgrade or cancel the subscription.

  2. It depends on your server configuration. For Apache hosting that accepts the .htaccess configuration files included in the bundle, it can work out of the box. Although if you search the forum you will see that some users encountered troubles during the self hosting configuration.