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House surrounded by trees


Its been a while since my last post, once more i bring you a house, this time, i tried to be more carefull with the quality of my models like furniture but also with the quality of the image, triying to balance both concepts, think is my “cleanest” work until now. and also, i came up with this idea of surrounding the house… by adding walls, roads, and trees, and also, i added collision wall at both sides of the street… if some one knows a better way to merge a house in a street or in a neighborhood with out having to model many houses and trees anso… please let me know.
What u guys think?.. comments and critics welcome as always.


Hi Antonio,

It looks well.

The lighting is too dark in my opinion. It is a sunny day yet the interior seems dark.

I personally wouldn’t put any walls or trees in. If they are not there in reality I wouldn’t make them up. It just confuses clients. You don’t necessarily have to show the neighbouring houses?

Well done though

how can i limit the movement of the tour? when i walk on the street, it stopped suddenlly, how you can do it?

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You can place large fully-transparent planes in your 3D model to block the camera movement.

HI @H_H_ng
i just added invisible walls and enable the collision, so you cant see whats beyond the street wich is nothing hahahah, i just in order for the house to be in a full street, in past proyects i just added the street but the problem is that you could see the hdri on the plane.

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thank so much, Antonio_Perez! :slight_smile:

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