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House with material pickers

Its been a while since my last post, been taking care more of the details, weel i guess, what u think??
Comments and critics welcome as always.
Gretting to all¡¡


Cómo estás @Antonio, espero que todo marche bien!
La casa se ve muy bien. A mi me ha dado un excelente resultado el uso de filtros, les da a las escenas una ambientación extra y son muy fáciles de usar.

Mira este post y me cuentas: Camera : Color Map

Hi Antonio, I hope everything goes well!
The house looks very good. It has given me an excellent result using filters, the scenes gain an extra atmosphere and are very easy to use.

Look at this post: Camera : Color Map

Well done, :+1::grinning:Looks Good, i like the garden

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Thanks a lot Man. :smiley: i’ll keep doing as best as i can