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How can i create good looking water?


Does anyone knows a good way to make water in shapespark? i’ve done this attempts and i dont think they look to well.
So if anyone knows a better way plss let me know, i’ll be good for everyone :smiley:


You can add a bump map (don’t overdo) and reflections/metallic to the surface.


Hello, thanks so much for your reply.
Have you done one ? could you show me ? :smiley:


For example, a fountain here: has:
opacity 0.48
base color 0.3, 1, 1
bump scale: 0.02
bump texture:


@Antonio_Perez, hola Antonio
revisa este link
(mira al final del link para elevar la calidad de la escena)

mira la foto con los settings

aplica este bump

espero que te sirva.


lo voy a robar y les enseño los resultados :smiley:


Thanks a lot @jan
ill give it a try and i’ll show my results


you can badly see the ploygonal geometry.


I think it’s not a matter of geometry but of the bump texture resolution. In this case the bump texture is rather low-res, but using a high-res one you will obtain smoother result.


Perhaps in the future Shapespark will have a version of presentations for stronger graphics cards?


Great demo! Thanks for sharing.

Our main focus is to achieve as high quality as possible on an average device because the viewers of an online architectural visualization are not necessarily 3D artists or gamers, so they are not expected to have a powerful GPU. But of course, we are also considering adding features that may be conditionally enabled only on higher specced machines


Hi @Vladan, unfortunaly I can’t see this in mobile device, but in my laptop looks amazing


Yes, there is this problem. :cry: