How can i directly convert .skp without sketchup extension

Dear All,

Is there any way, where i can directly convert .skp files to shapespark. I want with sketchup software. Directly drag and drop and file ready to edit.


Waiting for reply. please help it important and urgent


Unfortunately, you can’t directly import .skp files. However, once you have installed the Shapespark software, it will also install the Sketchup Exporter. With this exporter, you can easily export your Sketchup model to Shapespark.

Alternatively, you can export your .skp file to formats such as .fbx, .obj, or Collada, and then import it directly into Shapespark.

Thank for your reply. Is there some direct way to convert .skp to obj or fbx or collada. With out using sketchup app. this is some reqirment for some of project.

Please help


Please help its quite important. please suggest some good way or complete process.???

I’m sorry, but this question is not directly related to Shapespark, so we can only help to a limited extent in this case.

If you need to convert .skp file to .obj, .fbx or so without using SketchUp, you may try using some other 3D modelling tools like Blender or 3ds Max. Perhaps, they have a .skp importer add-on which would help you to load the model, and then to export it to .obj/.fbx.