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How can I get my payment voucher?

How can I get my payment voucher when I buy a service and pay for it?

I am not sure if I understand what you mean by “voucher”. Do you mean something like a receipt or an invoice?

If so, it will be automatically emailed to you buy our online reseller In case you start a subscription, you will be emailed an invoice every month.

yes, i mean a receipt or an invoice.

but i dont have a account, can i get one from you?

You do not have to have a Paddle account. Paddle - our online reseller - should have sent you an email automatically the day you started subscription or purchased a license.

If you give me your Shapespark username, I’ll resend you the invoice.

ok,my Shapespark username is,and resend please
thank you

I’ve replied to you by email.