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How can I make an animated pool water?

Has anyone done this before?

I need to do my first scene with a pool, and I tried some adjustments in the “materials” tab to create an animated water and nothing.

This is the scene:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

@Anthoni is very symple, in material window, click on surface material in the pool, then choose water from list. You can use a water material or a simple color texture, the size and speed of waves gives it the water sensation to that material. Remember many of this material settigns you can seeing only if you have a light probes.


So maybe is the light probe that is missing. I will make sure to place one to see the results.

Tks Jorge!


Hi @jan ,
After each update of the scene MAX -> FBX -> Shapespark, I have to re-adjust the “water” material. Sure, I save the scene, but those settings don’t remember.

@Vladan thank you for the report, we will fix this.

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