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How can i use Shapespark in webVR

Hello everyone,
I’m Architecture and motion graphics artiest, i was looking for 3D model webVR and while search i get Shapespark website.

I explored the website and download the trail version, its very amazing and creative software and I’ll learn everything about using this software.

I need to learn how to create a high realistic webVR virtual showroom like this

Please help me if there anyway to do that in video tutorials or images, and what is the tools in Shapespark to done this example.


Thank you and welcome to the forum!

The showroom that you’ve linked is not created with Shapespark. A nice video tutorial to start with Shapespark is here: and if you would like to add material pickers to change materials, this tutorial explains how to do it:

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What was it created with and why is it on the Shapespark site? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks very much Jan!
I’m going to watch the tutorial videos and exploring the app.
I’ll share my experience.


What was it created with and why is it on the Shapespark site?

Not sure if we are talking about the same showcase, the one that @malekalmsri linked is not on the Shapespark site. According to: this showcase was developed in house by Little Workshop studio using Three.js library. They do not mention there what software was used for lightmap baking.

OK - was just curious. The way the material changer worked it looked a little like Simlab Composer.

Love that graphic interface! I want that for shapespark please! :heart_eyes:

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