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How to active gyroscope in vr mode

when i open the vr mode,and fall down the iphone,the view static.
how can i active gyroscope and walk around in vr mode?

Do you open the VR mode inside an iframe, for a scene which is embedded in some website?

How to editor iframe?i don’t get it.where should I open it

Could you give me the link to the visualization for which the gyroscope is not working?

I see, the VR mode works only with Walk view types. In your scene all the views but the last one are of Orbit type. Could you select the last view (人视) and try the VR mode?

yes,it works. It must be walk view.

Is it possible to activate the gyroscope also in a none VR mode?

No, it works only in VR. The Shapespark viewer doesn’t handle the gyroscope by itself, it is done by browsers as part of the WebVR support (or by WebVR polyfill library on mobile browsers that do not support WebVR specification).