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How to add my script?

Help! Does anyone have a tutorial step to add a script properly? I have add a body-end.html (for MouseOver effect) into my folder directory, but still not working. Any other step i forgot to do? I have also add script extension but it’s that need to write something on it?

I am also trying to copy the script into the ‘script extension’ but also not working at all.

my body-end.html under my project folder directory.

Must be in the body-end.html. Pls try to change ´Rug` to “Rug”. If that does not help. You are sure that the materialname of the object you want to illuminate is “Rug”?

still the same, not working. or i need to add in the material name?

Sure. The material that should be highlighted must be at the position of “RUG”. If it ishould be people_03_person, than you have to replace Rug with people…

too bad, no matter how i change, it’s still not working…

The forum system changes quote characters from non-symmetric into symmetric if the quote characters are not a part of a preformatted text. Change quotes around people_03_person to regular ASCII double quote character: " .

it’s works! thank you guys for help!

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