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How to add web link in html laber

sometimes,i want to show some Additional information,such as html5 websit,images,flash link, or another project link in html can i make it happen?

This can be done with an HTML Label extension configured in the Extensions panel of the Viewer tab. There is a video tutorial showing how to set it up: .

thank you,i’ll try it

when i test in offline,it works fine. Once i upload the sense , i found most browser would intercept the html link.include browser in iphone and wechat. It only can play in IE can i make it work on other brower and iphone?

in ie browser,when i click the botton,it show what in picture.and i must click it,and it will work fine.

active this option,i can open it directly without any tips

it seems that it identified as unsafe script in Google Chrome.
i can’t find any tips or options in iphone brower,so it means that the script can’t load on iphone??

Shapespark scenes by default use encrypted HTTPS protocol . Browsers do not allow sites that use HTTPS to load external content using not encrypted HTTP protocol.

A recommended solution is to use HTTPS links for external content.

You could also load a scene using HTTP protocol: but it is much better to use HTTPS.

thank you,http works fine in iphone browser and wechat