How to avoid blotching

How can you avoid these things the blotches and not good quality like in the example model.
You can see also my settings will the quality be much better if i go from 100 to 800 samples?
Ore should i also tweak the other settings to get these things away?
Also the lines on the ceiling are very strange because it’s just a flat surface in sketchup…!
Developers i send you the model be email and we transfer link.4|690x388

Haven’t seen the file but:

  • if You have poor quality shadows You can always increase lightmap resolution of particular model where things are at worst (but don’t use it too radically as it resizes down other model’s lightmaps)
  • if You have lines between ceiling and walls - please make sure that these surfaces are 100% aligned to each other - otherwise the part of ceiling (for example) that gets more light will be affecting the one inside the building
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Big thanks for the tips and hints mfarys.
I try those you said.
But also i hope for some more inside info from the developers :), because they have the model and screenshot.

Looking at the file you sent us, you are right: increasing the number of samples will decrease the noise (blotching). We suggest using 100 samples for draft bakes and 800 for final bakes.

As for the other issue, the thin lines on the ceiling, it seems these are baking artifacts for very thin and very long triangles - almost identical to line segments. You can see these triangles in the Objects tab (and on the below screenshot):

We will be looking into how to get rid of these artifacts. For now what you could do is to split the ceiling polygon into two parts, so that triangles between spot lights are not so long & thin: