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How to change view height in VR mode?


I am making a very simple washroom model.

VR headset: oculus go

problem: view height is unperdictable. When I set view height low(3ft) in Sketchup, the view in VR mode is like a kid’s view(not sure how high it is). But once I change the view height to 4ft, it feels like I am a NBA player. My head is almost touching the ceiling.

What I have tried: change view height, set different views or cameras in both Sketchup and Shapespark, nothing working. I can’t get the normal view(5-6ft) in VR mode.

Question: Am I missing anything?

Suggestion: When viewing in VR mode, view height is very important, should be easily controlled inside VR mode.


In love with Shapespark, simply amazing!


Hi @de_h, welcome to the community!

We don’t have Oculus Go, but it looks that it doesn’t provide height information in the VR mode, at least through the WebVR/WebXR API.

We’ll extend our support for Oculus controllers to include the Go controller, so that you would be able to change VR height using the touchpad.